Try It! Transportation Options


Winona bicycle trails are shown in red on the map

Major Winona area bicycle loops are indicated on the map. They include the Levee Park-Prairie Island Loop, which includes a connection to La Canne Park in Goodview; the Lake Winona Path; the Highway 43-Gilmore Valley Loop; the Garvin Heights Challenge; and the Holzinger Lodge Mountain bike trails.

In a region known for for great cycling there are many reasons to consider biking as a transportation option. We will be working with employers and retail businesses to provide bicycle racks, lockers, showers and other conveniences to make bicyling easier. A bicycle committee is also working to provide trail extensions providing bike access to surrounding communities and other regional trails.

Bike Safety

Biking in much of Winona is extremely easy. Please remember to keep bikes off sidewalks, and follow these bicycle safety and courtesy hints:
Future Planning

The Winona Area bicycle community is actively working on plans to expand our trail system. The map below indicates the location of existing and proposed bicycle trails.